Testing Phase Starts for Heaven's Hell | Part I

4/1/2024 10:00:00 AM

The wait is over. We are one step away from Archonia's biggest update to date.

We have made some changes to solve the chronic problems that have been plaguing HH for years, and instead of taking the easy way out, we have decided to tackle the problem head on. Which has been our philosophy from the start. 

Here are the main highlights, with additional details further down:

- Heaven's Hell episode will be released in three parts. The first release will be released with a maximum level cap of 106 and the first zone of HH titled Flames of Hell. The second part will increase the level cap  to 113 and will include the Bloodline of Life zone and the third and final part is further increases the level cap to 120 and and adds the Blade Storm Mountain zone. 

These are the main reasons behind this decision:

  • Releasing a major update with countless changes without changing the system or nature of Archonia that our players have come to enjoy.
  • Overcoming the obvious balance problems that HH brings. All these new items, skills, contested zones would change game experience suddenly and radically. We do want to avoid this.
  • Heaven's Hell was the last episode in the game's original progression. Instead of wasting it in one shot, we have decided to break it up and add side content (Chaotic Frontier (CF), Asylum, Desert, Battle Ground (BG), Battle Square (BSQ), Back in Time (BiT) and more.) to increase the games longevity and enjoyment.
    This list of side content has not been finalized. It's a work in progress and has not yet been decided on what will be released or not.


- Chaotic Frontier, Asylum, and Windrill will be spin-offs of Heaven's Hell Part I.

These are the main reasons behind this decision:

  • Utilize existing and non-functional materials and locations in the game. 
  • Giving players different things to do instead of lowering exp and drops to give the content life and make it more challenging.
  • Reducing congestion due to overcrowding without making Heaven's Hell lose its "most important zone" status

Exact PvE details will be published a few days before the official release. 


- Heroic skill changes aim to solve existing balance issues and reduce the usual "skill spamming" playstyle based on luck and speed, making timing and decisions the key to victory. This is the most important thing we would like you to focus on in this proposal. Durations, functions and stats will definitely change after the tests. What we are aiming for is very simple. We think adding new skills to spam macros will not help anyone. We want to add skill to PvP. It is very important that we focus on the main idea and make our discussions on it. Balance issues will definitely be addressed.