Merry Christmas to All!

12/9/2023 1:10:00 PM

Merry Christmas to All!

🎄 Exciting Christmas Event (Dec 9, 2023 - Jan 9, 2024) 🎄

Join us at Shinewood for a festive adventure where 20 mighty Troll Kings (level 88) will appear with a respawn time of 60-90 minutes. Defeating each Troll King rewards you with 3 Santa's Bells and a Christmas Box.

🎁 Inside the Christmas Box, discover festive items such as Santa's Socks for a 50% bonus in experience, Santa's Hat boosting drop rates by 100%, and more treasures like the Serazaran Powder, Rudolf Pet Box, and various valuable items.

Exchange Santa's Bells at the Christmas Tree for two special gift boxes:

  1. 🎁 Santa's Claus Gift Box (150 Bells): Includes Scion Prayer Stones, Dimensional Cloak Chest, and various boosts like Pet Transform Scrolls and Santa Suit Refine Scroll.
  2. 🎁 Christmas Surprise Box (1000 Bells): Offers a chance to win a Christmas Mount Coupon, Gold Tickets, Prestige Wing Chest, and more.


🦌 New Item Alert: Pet Transform Scroll! 🦌

 Upgrade your pet collection with this new scroll, allowing trades for pets of the same rank (Rank 8 and above). The scroll introduces new pet options, each boosting stats by +10.


Event Box Update: We've tailored the Event Box rewards to different player levels - Beginner (Lvl 1-50), Intermediate (Lvl 51-70), Advanced (Lvl 71-92), and Expert (Lvl +92). Each box is filled with unique items like BBQ of Acclimatization, Fantastic Jewels, and more, catering to different stages of gameplay.

Socket System: Enhance your gameplay with our socket system. Upgrade prayer stones to a higher level (e.g., Stamina Level 5 to Level 6) or replace items with similar kinds (e.g., replacing a Stamina Level 6 with a Might Level 6). Costs vary from 1m Gold for upgrades to 500 cc for replacements.


Celebrate with us in this grand Christmas event filled with surprises, upgrades, and festive fun! 🎅🎉

The server will be restarted at 18:00 server time. For more detailed information join our Discord