Exciting News for DragonScion Enthusiasts!

11/23/2023 4:52:00 PM

Greetings to our vibrant gaming community!

We're thrilled to announce that the much-anticipated DragonScion race is soon to grace the realms of Chantra. As part of this landmark event, we have planned a special pre-launch celebration on our event server.

While we're ironing out the final details, we're eager to share the preliminary information so you can start preparing for the adventure ahead. Please note that these details are subject to refinement.

Event Overview:

  • Place: The event will take place exclusively on our event server. Its under Archonia Live button.

  • Schedule: It kicks off on November 24, 2023, at 20:00 and concludes on December 9, 2023, at 10:00.

  • Account Use: Participants will use their live server accounts, with CC balances synchronized. (A purchase on live/event server will affect the mutual balance).

  • Fresh Start: Everyone begins anew - no existing characters or items from live/test servers will be usable.

  • Rates: Drop and Gold rate will be the same as live server. Exp rate will be 100%. (Drops will be slightly boosted in favour of character (If you are farming with a Sorcerer, you will drop Sorcerer items more often)).

  • Character Transfer: Post-event, players can transfer one character (all classes will be transferred, not only Scion) to the live server, with a one-per-IP/HWID limit.

  • Early Access: Participants in the event will enjoy a one-week early access to the DragonScion race on the live server.

  • Level Requirement: Minimum Level requirement to transfer a character is Lv 85 (If level requirement will be high or there will be only a few Lv 90 players we may change the level requirement or turn it into Top 20-30 etc.).

  • Skill Changes: Website is updated with most of skill changes (there are some bugs that we are working on). Slayer, Orbiter and Summoner can use some Baby Scion skills: Disturb, Hurt Muscle, Hater, Battle Machine, Good Karon, Good Xenon, Purgatory.

  • Level Up Rewards: Ice realms have been removed from level up rewards, the rest is same as live server.

  • Monsters: Halloween & Ellore monsters wont be available.

  • Event Box:  Event Box can be dropped from all monsters.
    Box Content:
    - Fortune Gate Pass
    - Seed of Farmer
    - Lens Stones+
    - Compound Potions
    - Silver Coin of The Rich
    - Giant/Def/Quickness/Light Speed CC Potions
    - Elemental Resistance / Mana / HP Foods
    - CF Food (sb / cast) 

  • Rewards for Bug Reporting: Players who report bugs will be compensated with CC - 100 cc for basic, 250 cc for intermediate, and 500 cc for complex bugs.


All bugs must be reported to management immediately. Players found to be taking advantage of the bug will be permanently banned from the event. The fact that other players have previously taken advantage of the same thing will not change the result. 


Stay tuned for more details in the coming days. We're as excited as you are to welcome the DragonScion race and see the new dynamics they bring to the land of Chantra!