10/26/2023 7:04:00 PM

Hello everyone.

We hope you are all well and enjoying the development of our game. Waiting for one's "love" is always very difficult and seconds seem like years. So we understand that you are feeling and reflecting the same impatience that we are feeling. However, we want you to know that our entire team is working superhumanly hard to make updates as fast as possible. In a very short time, we've fixed more than 200 bugs, big and small. And we've added several Quality of Life features that many of you may not even be aware of yet, and we'll be sharing a list and videos in the coming days.

At this point, there are very few bugs left to be fixed, and the number of newly reported bugs has dropped considerably. So we thought it's time to discuss the content change plans we've been thinking about in the background for a while and get your feedback.

First of all, our "general" roadmap will be as follows. Thanks to our large team, we will be able to work on all these simultaneously.

1) Bug fixes
In general, most of the bugs that had an extremely negative impact on gameplay have been fixed. The big issue remains the problem with the positioning of the monsters. We continue to work on this issue. Other problems will also be solved quickly.

2) Halloween Event
In this event we will experience a brand new game mode. With the concept of "team deathmatch", we are preparing a system where players get points by killing each other and also by killing bosses / mini-bosses. 

We are planning to launch the event on 31.10.2023. 

3) Social media advertising activities
@fuzedesings is back and he will now be with us full time. This must mean a lot to those who know him. Those who don't will soon see the difference  :8264_gil_thumb: . As soon as possible we will start serious advertising on social media and gaming platforms (forums etc.) on the internet. 

However, unfortunately, we may have to take radical decisions regarding the long-standing and difficult to control "toxicity" issue. Toxicity is a problem that makes it very difficult for both players who play the game and new players to stick to the game. Unfortunately, while trying to deal with the problems we have been experiencing for more than a month, we have not been able to deal with the toxicity problem sufficiently. We apologize to all of you for this. Of course, we don't like to punish anyone and we don't like the post-punishment conversations either.  Our goal in this project is to make this game perfect, and to make this community enjoy it to the maximum. Toxicity issues are taking up a lot of our time and significantly reducing our motivation and energy. And from now on, instead of wasting our time on them, we will make moves that will solve the problems "at the root". One of them might be to severely limit communication on the official discord server and focus more on the website + forum.

We invite all our players to act wisely to prevent this from happening.

4) New content

- Dragonscion race
Before releasing this on the live server, we will do a "test event" on a server where everyone will start from scratch to identify and fix bugs and make changes to balance the classes. Players will have the right to move a character they have grown on this event server to the live server.

Once the changes are complete, the update will be released on the live server.

- Heaven's Hell (Heaven's Hell will be released after the Dragonscion race is released on the live server and players reach a certain level.)
We were very hesitant about this update. But at this point, we don't think we can fulfill our content needs with any other original or custom content. At this point of the server, we need such an expansion. But we want to do this expansion in a planned and healthy way. For this reason, HH will come in parts, not as it is. For example, the first part will be max level 106, with only Flames of Hell map available,  and the next part will come 4 months later, with Bloodline of Life map. The second part will be max. level 113 and the third part will come 4 months later, with Blade Storm Mountain map. And finally the max. level will be 120.

Time is subject to change. We wanted to explain the idea in general terms.

This kind of content expansion will give our team a very long time to fulfill our goals in point 5 and 6. In the meantime, we will create events and game modes that are much more professional and fun than the events we implemented in the old Archonia.

5) Overhaul of existing systems

We're going to fix some of the problems that make some of the most beloved game systems throughout gaming history not fun enough today.

The siege and arena systems will come first. 

6) New, comprehensive and professional event systems and game modes

Similar to the Team Deathmatch mode, which we will use for the first time in the Halloween Event, we will integrate popular game modes into Archlord, such as Tower Defense, Infinity Monster Hunt, Defend the Wonder, Battle Royale, King of the Hill and many more.

As we have done so far, we will continue to take important decisions with you, our valuable players. The plan described above is a "tentative" plan that we are currently thinking about. 

We kindly ask players who want to contribute to these issues to contact us via the #tickets system. We will set up a separate discussion group with these players and discuss what we will do together. 

The hard times are behind us and now is the time when we are on the rise. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding.