Heaven's Hell Journey Begins!

4/19/2024 12:50:00 AM

Heaven's Hell Journey Begins!

 The wait is over, journey starts on 27.04.2024


Here are the main highlights:

- Heaven's Hell episode will be released in three parts. The first release will be released with a maximum level cap of 106 and the first zone of HH titled Flames of Hell. The second part will increase the level cap  to 113 and will include the Bloodline of Life zone and the third and final part is further increases the level cap to 120 and and adds the Blade Storm Mountain zone. 

- Chaotic Frontier, Asylum, and Windrill will be spin-offs of Heaven's Hell Part I.

- Heroic skill changes aim to solve existing balance issues and reduce the usual "skill spamming" playstyle based on luck and speed, making timing and decisions the key to victory.